Not everyone gets or desires 15 minutes of fame. Some people just work quietly wherever they find themselves, trying to change the world for the better in whatever way they can. Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Iliff People is my attempt to capture the stories of every person who has walked through the halls of the Iliff School of Theology because I have experienced lots of great love shared here. I hope you feel it, too.

The students and alumni of the Iliff School of Theology are unique and passionate about life in a way that deserves highlighting. Their dispositions are attractive in a world where there are some days when we can be left feeling hopeless. The Iliff School of Theology is a United Methodist school of higher education but its alumni and students are Hindus, Universalists, Jews, Christians,  Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, sisters, brothers, friends, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, ministers, counselors, scholars, transgender, bisexual, lesbian, gay, straight, enlisted military, civilians, peace-lovers, and – above all – people who love people.

Me Making Beads

I am Caran Ware Joseph. I graduated in 2012 from Iliff with a Master of Divinity. Currently, I am serving as the Director of Alumni Relations and Legacy Giving. I am excited to share the stories of Iliff people with you.