Rev. Dorothy (Dotty) Creager

We appreciate the generosity of our Planned Giving member, Dotty Creager, who passed away in March.

In celebration of her life and faith, we are sharing Dotty Creager’s eulogy, delivered by one of her best friends, Jean Meeks, and a reflection on her time at Iliff from Daniel Klawitter. Both were shared at Dotty’s memorial on March 31st at Littleton United Methodist Church.

Alum Daniel Klawitter (MDiv, ’02) shared this reflection of Dotty from when he was a student at Iliff:

I first met Deacon Dotty in 1999 when my wife and I moved into campus housing at Iliff for me to begin the MDiv program and my own journey towards ordination as a Deacon in the United Methodist Church. I got to know Dotty well over the next three years. She was always helpful and responsive to student housing needs and concerns, and I loved cracking jokes with her so that I could see that wry smile she had.

I remember that her own apartment was full of plants and her door, more often than not, was almost always wide open. Open Doors people! Dotty was doing that before it was a slogan or a branded campaign in the UMC! I will never forget her and am so very grateful for her many years of service to Iliff and the various and sundry students who came through the doors of Iliff and went on to open other doors in their own ministries.

Here is Dotty’s eulogy:

Dorothy (Dotty) was born in Illinois on March 19, 1937. She and her folks, Bert and Freda, moved to Colorado Springs when she was in grade school.

I’ve known Dotty since we were in the 9th grade through First Methodist Church of Colorado Springs – Sunday School, Youth Group and Choir. We also attended Colorado Springs High School together where she was in choir and in a high school sorority. She stayed with my family for six weeks during our junior year while her mother was at Mayo Clinic being treated for a brain tumor. While in high school she worked for the Colorado Springs Recreation Dept. as a playground advisor. She and I graduated in 1955.

Dotty attended the University of Northern Colorado and graduated in 1959. She taught for several years at the Jr. High level in Colorado Springs and then 1 year in New Jersey.

She then went to Garrett Seminary and graduated with a Masters of Religious Education [degree] in 1965. Her first position as a Christian Education Director was for a church in Long Beach, CA. In 1969 she returned to Colorado and became the Christian Education Director at Littleton United Methodist Church.

In 1978 she moved to the Iliff campus in Denver, Colorado to become the Housing Coordinator for The Iliff School of Theology. One of the things she especially enjoyed was giving a small gift to the children of the students at Christmas and Easter. One of my sons remembered with love that she gave the best Christmas gifts, cans of popcorn and a special gift for each one.

One of the things she enjoyed most was classical music. She attended many symphony concerts while in high school and had many CDs and tapes of her favorites. One of her favorites [Requiem by Faure] is being played today.

Dotty had several pets over the years. One was a bird that caused many funny stories especially the day it got out of her house when we were getting ready to go to Denver to buy wedding shoes for my wedding. Her taming and training “Paws” while she was at Iliff brought her lots of enjoyment.

After her retirement she moved back to Littleton where she participated in choir and UMW until her health deteriorated. She was also a volunteer at the Bemis Library in the used book area.



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