What on earth is an Iliffian?

Hi! I am Caran Ware Joseph and I am an Iliffian.  I graduated in 2012 from Iliff with a Master of Divinity. Currently, I am serving as the Director of Alumni Relations and Legacy Giving.

The students and alumni I have met during my time here are unique and passionate about life in a way that deserves highlighting. Their dispositions are attractive in a world where there are some days we can be left feeling hopeless. The Iliff School of Theology is a United Methodist school of higher education but its alumni and students are Hindus, Universalists, Jews, Christians,  Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, sisters, brothers, friends, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, ministers, counselors, scholars, transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, straight, enlisted military, civilians, peace-lovers, and – above all – people who love people.

Technically, an Iliffian is someone who attended and/or graduated from the Iliff School of Theology. But an Iliffian is also so much more than an attendee or graduate of the institution. Iliffians I have met tend to do the following:

  • Stand with misunderstood and unwanted people, simply because they love people
  • Hold the tensions in complex and contradictory issues because they love people
  • Go to places where no one else may be willing to go because they love people

Some Iliffians are famous for doing great work in the world. Most are not famous because they don’t do the work for fame. I hope to introduce you to everything Iliffian on this blog, Iliff People.


2 thoughts on “What on earth is an Iliffian?

  1. I love this! Thank you for doing this excellent work, Caran. I will look forward to learning more about my beloved companions in this wonderful blog. 😊


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